Virgil Family Garden


Purple Top Turnips


Hoop House Construction

Roll Up Sides


Interior View

Skeleton Prepped

(No Membrane)

Aerial View

Annual Hoop House

Jewel-Osco Parking Lot

City Sanctioned Structure

Stood for 3 years following notice to City

Hoop House Specifications

- 12' Wide; 9' Tall @ apex; 30' long

- House two 4' x 30' raised beds & walkway

- 240' sq. ft. of growing space.

- All materials sourced from Home Depot or reclaimed.

           - 1" PVC pipe

           - Rebar

           - 6mm plastic drop cloth (other option available.)

           - Plywood for end walls

           - Reclaimed door @ entrance

           - Stainless Steel Auger Style anchors 


- Goes together in 1/2 day's work over several weekends

- Comes down in 2 hours

- We used for cold season protection Oct. - March.  Can also be used for shade cloth in summer.

Membrane Structures Among Us

Hooplah Buttons

Expert Testimony

Deb Crockett,

ED Angelic Organics Learning Center

Laura Calvert,

ED Advocates For Urban Ag

Family Benefits

Virgils Childrens' Garden Stand

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