The State of IL derives its "just powers from the consent of the governed,” namely the people.  We loan them some power to, in part, protect our rights - among them, life, liberty & property.  The State, in turn, apportions some of this power to the municipal governments around the State to handle local minutiae in consonance with the rights of the people.

The City of Elmhurst has violated their charge.  Instead of protecting our property rights, they are now violating them.  When the municipal government becomes unwilling to protect the rights of its residents, it is appropriate for the State to codify and defend our rights.

The natural Right to Grow food on one’s own property is inherently American; and as we live within USDA growing zone 5 (Chicago) crop protection is a necessary component of growing.  We assert the natural rights of all IL residents to grow food with whatever type of crop protection or season extension device they determine is appropriate for their situation.



  • Senate Bill 1675 protects the rights of all IL residential landowners to grow food on their own property with season-extension/crop-protection devices without interference from the municipal government.

  • Hearings: 3/13/19 (audio file here)

  • Current status: Local resolution pending, committee deadline established 3/28/19




  • House Bill 1612 provides that neither county nor municipal government may prohibit a homeowner from gardening on his or her property. 


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